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Mist NZ is a Wellington-based supplier of e-cigarette accessories with a wide range of products available for customers across New Zealand and Australia. Whether you’re after e-liquid, a drip tip, vape coils, or a range of high-quality vape pens, Mist NZ have you covered. When it comes to vape supplies and accessories, we know the importance of choosing a reputable company with a commitment to delivering high-quality products at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for the best vapour, juice from Mist NZ comes from a trusted manufacturer of premium e-liquids and can be shipped nationwide. We offer over 30 flavours of e-liquid with limited ranges on sale throughout the year, as well as our standard fruity and sweet flavours. You can also buy sample or value packs, a great way to decide which e-liquid will suit your taste buds best – and cost-effective for our experienced vapers. Mist NZ also offers the freedom to mix and match flavours and select three options for PG/VG ratios, so we can help create your perfect personalised e-liquid. Mist NZ is dedicated to providing customers with a premium product with the highest level of dedication to health and safety. We carefully store all our products and ingredients in an isolated environment where we monitor the humidity, temperature, and room pressure, alongside other vital factors, to ensure you’re always receiving quality e-liquid. We also ensure that all of the ingredients in our e-liquids are responsibly sourced within New Zealand and the United States, and free of palm oil derivatives – instead we use palm-free organic non-GMO vegetable glycerine.

On top of selling directly to customers like you through our website Mist NZ also provides wholesaling options for brick-and-mortar stores wanting to stock our E Liquids. If you’re not convinced, check out our reviews from satisfied customers on Facebook, and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about our products, how to make an order, our shipping and delivery information, or anything else you need to know.

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